Mortgage Moves

Making Mortgage moves

Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

A successful home search starts with knowing how much you can afford. Why is this so important? It's simple; You don’t want to get heartbroken by a property you love only to find out it’s beyond your price range or monthly budget.

That’s why we recommend getting a mortgage pre-approval. This is a document you can easily obtain from your bank or other lender stating how much of a mortgage they are willing to give you. There are 3 advantages to getting this pre-approval:

  1. It gives you the peace-of-mind of knowing you can afford homes you view on the market, and won’t have problems arranging financing.

  2. You will know your monthly payment and make quick estimates when viewing a home or considering counter offers.

  3. Sellers will know that you are a serious, ready, willing and able to enter a contract and purchase the home.

Mortgage pre-approval can be obtained from your bank and/or by working with a good mortgage broker. Our team can also provide recommendations of several reputable brokers or lenders to help you get started.

How Much Home Can You Afford?

Banks and lenders will take the time to review your income, expenses, credit history and employment status, as well as the down payment you will utilize for the purchase. It may seem like an extensive process; Actually its very easy. With the right paperwork in hand, you can get a mortgage pre-approval in a day. We can let you know what documents to put together.

It is important to have it before your home search begins. Here's an example of how important this is; There may be a counter offer or a home's in the upper tier of your price range that may still be affordable within your monthly budget if financed at the right interest rate.

Have questions about arranging financing? Feel free to reach out and connect with us to help you get started.

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