Condition Reports

DISCOUNTED pricing for orders made in 2023

Why have a condition report?

An insurance claim, rent security deposit dispute, repair issues, financing, equipment replacement and more... 

Here are 10 quick ways on how these reports will help you be a better property owner.

Order today and use later! Discount pricing for all orders made in 2023

Available for NYC and Long Island residential Apartments, Co-ops, Condos and Single Family Homes under 3000 sqft. in non-occupied, vacant residential property. For larger homes, multi-family residential or commercial property, contact us for a quote. Reports are date stamped and contain commentary wherever needed and/or applicable. 

Preview: Complete Report

Recommended for pre-move in or move out inspection of rental units. Itemized commentary per room/components. Equipment tested/tried as done by occupants.

Preview: Basic Report

Recommended for long term vacant property, short term rentals or for before, during and after renovations. Overview commentary of observed findings.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not legal or tax advice. NYS PCD RPL Sec 462 Source: NYSAR. Actual condition report may differ from samples shown. This report is not similar to or a substitute for the comprehensive reports provided by a Licensed Home Inspector or Professional Engineer. Owner is responsible for ensuring access on scheduled date(s) or a $20 revisit fee applies.

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