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We represent you. A home cannot simply be listed for sale, it must attract the attention of qualified buyers. We will visit your home, assess the property, answer questions, review market reports and share with you a professional opinion as to how much your home may sell for and develop an effective price strategy, negotiating and marketing plan.

Be represented by us and we will represent your interests in the market place. Here's who will be on your team:

Includes 80+ Services

+ marketing Services

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Understand the nature agency relationships in NYS and the rights and obligations it creates. Based on a minimum 6 month Exclusive Right To Sell agreement. Our fee for services is earned at the offer agreement and due at closing. It is a percentage of the sales price or a minimum of $10k, whichever is greater. It is not inclusive of any compensation offered to cooperating agents. A cooperating agent may represent the interest of a buyer and may negotiate and/or include their own fee for services as part of the buyer's offered price and terms. Services listed in our 80+ point plan and marketing plans may not be applicable/possible for all properties and/or all scenarios. Real Estate sales services are accomplished via our association with Keller Williams Realty Liberty, a NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker.

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