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"Those Who Know Work With A Pro"

We are a team of real estate agents at Century Homes Realty Group who believe in the value that home ownership brings to communities and we work closely with each of our clients to deliver this value. We accomplish this in 3 simple ways (listed below) while upholding the highest standards of NYS Fair Housing and The National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

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When buying or selling real estate, your success is significantly related with the expert advice and services provided by the real estate agent who represents you. We are a full team. In contrast to working with a single agent, working with a team increases your success and maximizes your advantages when you enter the marketplace as a buyer or seller. Each day we commit to providing clients with professional services utilizing our collective team experiences, knowledge, skills and network of attorneys, loan officers, inspectors and more.

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Together, we deliver the services to meet your needs and achieve your real estate goals.


We are invested partners, working alongside you to buy or sell the property as if our own so that we win; Together.


Beyond the conventional yard signs and. We have systems attracting and connecting home owners and buyers daily.


Communication is our top priority alongside our network of professional vendors ready to aid you in closing efficiently.


grant yourself the same kind of experience